The Groce Girls | Taking a Chance on Me

Well… here goes nothing!

I owe an awful lot to these two wonderful people. I have just started started my photography business and have decided that newborn portraiture is one of the two main genres I want to specialize in. They have taken a great big leap of faith with me (well, Cate had no choice, but potAto, potAHto…) and have hired me to capture Cate’s first year in this world through a Grow with Me plan. Cate was an absolute angel and tolerated an incredibly long session day (with plenty of breaks to eat) and slept 90% of the time. She didn’t even pee on me. #success

Having such a successful day with Cate and Alli right out of the gate has given me so much confidence in choosing this path down the road of newborn portraiture. I can’t wait to see what the next twelve months hold for adventures together.

Thanks for jumping in with both feet right beside me!

Pixels by Emily Donohoe_0022.jpg

Pixels by Emily Donohoe_0023.jpg

Pixels by Emily Donohoe_0024.jpg

Pixels by Emily Donohoe_0025.jpg

Pixels by Emily Donohoe_0026.jpg

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