About Emily


Thanks for stopping by to see the “who” that’s behind Pixels.

I am Emily. I am a full-service photographer that is dedicated to providing much more than just images to my clients… I provide an exceptional experience from the time you choose me as your photographer until I have personally hung your wall art in your home. My true passions are in-studio posed newborn portraiture and capturing families outdoors just before sunset. I specialize in heirloom products, including unique wall art and albums, and have grown to love designing large collage walls for my clients. Every session of mine is a custom creation that I take great pride in designing.

For those of you that don’t so much love to read people’s bios, here’s a Cliff’s Notes version of me. Feel free to stop reading after this:

  • I like bulleted lists.
  • I am SURE that every woman needs at least two pairs of red shoes, probably three.
  • I am obsessively organized.
  • I have been a singing waitress, a bridal consultant and was a CPA in public practice for ten years.
  • I think onions, peppers and bananas are the worst foods ever.
  • I’m kind of funny.
  • I have the most handsome, witty and kind hearted five year old little boy (much like his daddy).
  • I, apparently, start every sentence with “I”.
  • I am a perfectionist to a fault.
  • I cannot say no to pancakes (they are my kryptonite).
  • Toilet paper should roll off the top. It just should.
  • The five best movies ever made were Pretty Woman, Gone in 60 Seconds, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun and The Breakfast Club.
  • Vibrant colors make me happy.
  • My husband’s colleagues call me “boss lady” and have given me my own hash tag #bossladytruths.
  • My nails are always done and have been since I was about five.
  • Vanilla trumps chocolate.
  • Fun fact: I love bangle bracelets, but my hand won’t collapse enough for me to get them on… Any of them!
  • My superpower is that I can fall asleep mid-sentence and quite literally sleep through anything. If sleeping was an Olympic sport, I would totally take the Gold!

If you stuck around to see more after that comprehensive and riveting list, here is a little more of my back story. I do not have an “I fell in love with all things photography when I was 3 years old” kind of story. I arrived at this place of doing “soul work” through a somewhat crooked path. I am a “recovering CPA” after a decade as a tax accountant. I probably should have followed my gut early on and bailed, but that whole “give it the ol’ college try” adage got the best of me. After my husband finished his PhD (also in accounting), I was free to watch that life disappear in my rear view mirror. From the world of high-pressure clients and billable time, I transitioned to a very important individual client… my son. I traded in suits for yoga pants, and heels for Chuck T’s to become a stay-at-home mom.

As my little started turning into a big, I needed to find something in which to invest myself. Something I loved this time. I had a minor problem, though… I had no idea what that was and felt like I had no calling or “special” talent. I had always loved photographs, scrapbooking, and documenting life through photography, but it never occurred to me that I could turn it all into my career. In the spring of 2014, I signed up for a six-week photography class. I’m not sure at exactly which point it happened, but somewhere during that class, a fire ignited in me, and I KNEW photography was IT for me. Before the class ended, I declared that I was going to open a photography business. And I did… four short months later, and I have never looked back!

Pixels is a family of families. I am not trying to be, nor do I want to be, everyone’s photographer. My philosophy is to do a lot for a few and, in the end, make long-term ties with the families I photograph. I want to see your family evolve over the years and watch your kids grow up.

Let me capture your legacy, won’t you?



Photo Credit for the color pics to: Rebekah Albaugh Photography and the Black and White to: Holly Birch Photography